Time Out Delhi Cover Stories

Some cover stories from Time Out Delhi, published during my time as Chief Editor there. Plus a few older stories I helped conceptualize or contributed to in a big way.

Delhi dictionary

Mind your language ♦ From Time Out Delhi, March 2013 The word “kedgeree”, according to The Concise Hobson-Jobson, “appears to have been applied metaphorically to mixtures of sundry kinds and also to jargon or lingua franca.” That definition, from the Anglo-Indian glossary first published in 1886, still finds a place in this issue’s cover story: …

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River crossing

Five Yamuna walks ♦ Cities usually consider a river to be a blessing, but us Dilliwalas tend to turn our backs to ours. We hold our breath while driving across the Yamuna, thoughtlessly discharge our waste into it, pour concrete over its banks and, during the occasional festival, dump statues, diyas and other religious paraphernalia …

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Art house

Delhi artists show us their homes ♦ Time Out gets an all-access pass into the homes of some of Delhi’s best, and best-loved artists, who graciously entertained all our queries. We asked for the whys, wherefores and whos of their owl collections, demanded to know the history of their flooring, and wheedled a free tour …

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Choose your own Delhi adventure

Time Out Delhi’s 5th anniversary issue ♦ “For over five years, Time Out Delhi has brought you the best of what’s happening in town each fortnight, as well as enabled armchair exploration of city culture and cuisine. We hope our special cover story spurs you to action – starting with your fingers, which will have …

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Type Out Delhi

Typographical interventions ♦ A series of “typerventions” spearheaded by Kriti Monga of Turmeric Design and commissioned by Time Out Delhi.  Read more about these type projects here.        

A dog’s life

Capital canines unleashed ♦ Dogs are both Delhi’s most maligned and best-loved creatures. From strays who know our city’s tough streets better than most people, to pet pooches who hold their owners hostage to their every need, take a walk with some capital canines in this Time Out Delhi cover package from April 2012. Read …

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West Side Stories

West Delhi Special ♦ A Time Out Delhi cover story from March 2012 featuring a collection of stories from West Delhi neighbourhoods. Read the full story below, download it as a pretty PDF here, or find it online at

Mask appeal

The new face of Indian comics ♦ A few decades ago, the Indian comic books scene was burgeoning. The art may have been simple, and most stories and characters lifted straight from American comic books, but lending libraries were important social hubs in cities and small towns. Regional comic books and Indian superheroes made reading …

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Cutting edge

Performance art: History, highlights and what to see at the India Art Fair 2012 ♦ Time Out Delhi‘s timeline of performance art from India and elsewhere, published January 20, 2012. Read the full story below, download it as a pretty PDF here, or find it in somewhat mangled form online at Time Out Delhi.

Haunted Delhi

The bhoot is out there ♦ From the haunting of 10 Janpath to Gef the singing mongoose – not to mention djinns, headless sepoys and Certified Leading Paranormal Investigators – this Time Out Delhi cover package from October 28, 2011 chronicles the capital’s ghost stories. Read the full story below, download it as a pretty …

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