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The new face of Indian comics ♦

A few decades ago, the Indian comic books scene was burgeoning. The art may have been simple, and most stories and characters lifted straight from American comic books, but lending libraries were important social hubs in cities and small towns. Regional comic books and Indian superheroes made reading entertaining for kids across the country. Eventually, comic books lost out to TV and movies, going underground and retreating from the metros. But for the last couple of years – fuelled in part by a crop of animation grads and social media marketing – there’s a new breed of comic book creators emerging. It’s not all great yet, but it’s happening: independent artists, boutique studios, international tie-ups, and rumors of DC entering the fray. And this time around, comic books aren’t just for kids. In this Time Out Delhi cover story from February 2012, we get nostalgic about the old legends, look out for promising new publishers and meet the fans. Indian comic books are well and truly taking off.

Read the full story below, download it as a pretty PDF here, or find it online at Time Out Delhi.