Art house

Delhi artists show us their homes ♦ Time Out gets an all-access pass into the homes of some of Delhi’s best, and best-loved artists, who graciously entertained all our queries. We asked for the whys, wherefores and whos of their owl collections, demanded to know the history of their flooring, and wheedled a free tour …

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The Street

Yusuf Arakkal at Art Alive. ♦ There’s something very theatrical about Yusuf Arakkal’s “The Street” series. Culled from candid photographs that Arakkal took of people in London, Lisbon, Singapore and elsewhere, and transferred via silkscreen to canvas before painting over them, the works round up a cast of everyday characters, each one unaware that he …

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Lost and Found

Vasudha Thozhur’s intriguing works weave together personal loss and national tragedy. ♦ Vasudha Thozhur has always been interested in collating disparate elements in her work. She paints panels that draw together current events, memory, observations and symbols to create combinations that are sometimes startling and always intriguing. Hence, it is appropriate that this exhibition brings …

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Notes Struck by the Stars

Sanjib Singha at Shridharani Gallery. ♦ The previous shows of Sanjib Singha, a Government Art College, Kolkata graduate, were titled Elements l and Elements II. In his seventh solo show, Notes Struck by the Stars, Singha’s abstract paintings turn away from evoking earth, wind and fire and address music instead. “I listen to Sufi music …

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Lost Article

George Martin at the Visual Arts Gallery. ♦ This story was originally published in Time Out Delhi.

Q&A: Velu Viswanadhan

A Malayali living in Paris for the past four decades brings his works to Delhi Art Gallery. ♦ This story was originally published in Time Out Delhi.