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Secret Delhi: Mekkeh Cola

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This one goes out to all the anti-globalisation activists. For a refreshing, non-American cola while on your protest marches this summer, try Delhi’s home-grown Mekkeh Cola. Started in 2005, the cola is made by Okhla-based Golden Dew Inc. The fizzy drink is available in cola, lemon, clear lemon, orange and rose flavours, and can be found in areas like Shahjahanabad, Nizamuddin and Okhla, provided you keep your eyes open. Production has been slack for a while, but it should be back in time for summer. In pudgy 300 ml (Rs 10) bottles and 500 ml (Rs 20) bottles that look like obscene baby milk-bottles, it’s a flashy way to
show you don’t conform.

This story was originally published in Time Out Delhi‘s “Secret City” cover story.

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