Grey Area

In-between things.


(“Piano” by DH Lawrence)

Rain words

Compiled from John T Platt’s Dictionary of Urdu, Classical Hindi and English. āb-i-bārān (m) Rain-water. abr-i-āẕur (m) A cloud without rain. abr-i-ʻālamgīr (m) Rain clouds which cover a large extent of country. abr-i-qibla (m) Clouds which come from the direction of the qibla; clouds heavily charged with rain. idrār (m) Lit. ‘Causing milk, urine, &c. to flow copiously’; involuntary or copious discharge of …

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Chukandar chop

Beetroot patties ♦ Here’s a beetroot, juiced for breakfast and its fibrous bits turned into patties for lunch. With lettuce and tomatoes from the veranda gamlas.Beetroot patties: Fibre of one beetroot (also happened to be two carrots, a cucumber, and mint in there, but only because this was all juice byproduct); 1 egg; bunch of …

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Naqsh faryaadi (نقش فریادی) (नक़्श फ़रयादी))

Ghalib – I ♦ Against which artwork’s colour does the copy complain? For each picture’s face is a paper covering, plain. Of the hard soul’s digging — loneliness — ask not! Like Farhad, carving canals for cream through rough terrain. Witness for yourself passion’s unfettered zeal: The scimitar blade drawn out, free from scabbard’s restraint. …

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View with a Room

A watercolour of a friend’s room in what was once a convent on the Upper West Side, Manhattan.